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Advanced Biofuels Canada Adds Seven New Member Companies
May 11, 2017

Advanced Biofuels Canada Thursday said it has added seven new member companies, doubling the size of the organization as Canada begins to develop a national low carbon fuel standard.

The renewable fuel advocacy organization said the new members, which include technology developers and fuel marketers, are:

  • Halifaxbased Cellufuel, which is operating a demonstration plant that produces synthetic diesel from forestry wastes;
  • Delawarebased Ensyn Corp. , which produces biocrude from forest and agricultural wastes;
  • Ottawabased Iogen, a cellulosic biofuel technology provider;
  • Illinoisbased LanzaTech, which has developed and deployed a gas fermentation technology that converts carbonrich industrial waste streams into chemicals and fuels, including alternative jet fuel;
  • Steeper Energy, a Copenhagenbased company that is demonstrating a hydrothermal liquefaction technology that produces a synthetic biocrude to produce lowsulfur diesel, jet and marine biofuel from a variety of biomass feedstocks
  • And Targray, a Kirkland, Canadabased biofuels marketer and trader.

In addition, OPIS, a unit of IHS Markit, has joint ABFC as a non-voting member.

The new members join Archer Daniels Midland, Consolidated Biofuels, Enerkem, Innolteck, Renewable Energy Group and West Coast Reduction.

“Our new members bring a wealth of next generation biofuels technologies and knowledge to our association. Deploying both commercially proven and demonstrated technologies in Canada will change the paradigm of what advanced biofuels can accomplish in a low carbon future,” ABFC Board Chairman Ron Cardwell said in a statement.

“Our organization’s outlook comes from producers who have pioneered the hard work to open up markets for advanced biofuels in Canada, married with the view of companies who are bringing game-changing technologies to market. Both are needed to lower the carbon emissions from transport fuels in Canada.”

Canada, which is aiming to become the first country to develop a nationwide low carbon fuels standard that could be in place as early as 2020.

“The proposed Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) is already drawing the attention of companies with clean fuel technologies needed to lower transportation fuel emissions. If designed and implemented properly, the [CFS], coupled with complementary policies such as carbon pricing and clean tech investment programs, will create competitive conditions to host new production projects here in Canada,” ABFC President Ian Thomson said in a statement.

--Jeff Barber, jbarber@opisnet.com

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