U.S. Exports, Changing Trading Patterns & Infrastructure Build-Outs for the Global LPG Market

The worldwide picture of the LPG landscape is changing - dramatically and quickly. Listen to industry experts as they reveal critical insight on the supply, demand, pricing, and transportation of the ever-evolving global LPG market.

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  • The growing U.S. export market - find out where exports are going and if all of its volume can be placed. Are there enough ships to handle these exports?
  • How U.S. shale gas, the LPG boom and shipping effects are changing pricing, trading patterns and gravity shifts (like opening the Panama Canal for VLGCs).
  • The impact of the pricing relationship between the U.S. and Europe - what types of risk management tools are available?
  • Asset and infrastructure build-out throughout the industry as a result of the shale boom.
  • New outlets for NGLs and LPG - including petchems.
  • Plus, much more.

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