This course helps petroleum marketers, fuel resellers and end-users stay ahead of today’s unpredictable fuel marketplace.

Consider this...
  1. Fuel buyers can no longer ignore RINs – Renewable Identification Numbers – they affect buying costs for everyone across the United States.

  2. There are going to be more significant changes in downstream marketing – especially in the East, where Hess is pulling out of wholesale marketing in the next year. That is going to have a tremendous impact on supply for many fuel buyers.

  3. Benchmarks and fuel buying formulas are more complicated than ever before, especially ones using spot or index-based pricing as a basis for rack transactions.

  4. The availability of cheaper crude at select refineries could impact your long-term price planning and negotiation strategies.

Attend OPIS Winning Fuel Buying Strategies so you can…

  • Buy Smarter – Learn how to shop your fuel purchases and leverage your volume with suppliers.

  • Negotiate Better – Get the tools to negotiate a great supply deal to accommodate today’s changing fuel slate and write a contract that works for your business.

  • Elevate Your Knowledge – Discover the pros and cons of using spot-based purchasing formulas versus more traditional benchmarks for truck-and-trailer purchases.

  • Control Costs – We’ll show you how to keep your suppliers in check by verifying the invoice price you pay is the correct price.

  • Increase Profits – Find out how to use price discovery tools to read the market and predict your next day’s wholesale costs.

  • Pick the Right Benchmark – Make sure you select the best fit for your business from the many options out there.

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