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So, you want to be a jobber?
Thought about becoming a fuel distributor?

Attend OPIS Jobber University and discover what's really involved in taking this step to expand your business. It's not a decision you can afford to take lightly!
For single or multiple station owners, and large end-users of fuel, there are many issues to consider when taking this plunge. We'll cover them all, including:

  • Credit. You're not only going to need more of it from your supplier, but you're going to have to extend it to your new fuel customers. First you'll have to figure out, can you get the credit? How do you vet your potential customers? What happens if fuel prices skyrocket – will you have enough credit with your own fuel suppliers?
  • Contracts. As a jobber, you must grasp how to draft a supply contract not only with your own suppliers, but also with your new customers. It's critical that you know what should and should not be in a fuel contract, and really understand the federal and state laws that are relevant to your fuel supplier and your new customers.
  • Supply. Your supply requirements are going to change dramatically as a jobber. Do you have enough storage to accommodate this increase? If not, how do you go about buying, or leasing storage? Is becoming a pipeline shipper in the cards for your business?
  • Risk. Your buying profile will shift significantly and open you up to all sorts of new types of risk. We'll explain the different kinds of risk you could face and arm you with strategies you can implement to mitigate them.
  • Growing your business. Get the scoop on how to find new customers and whether government bidding is right for you. You'll also learn how to market yourself in the highly competitive mobile refueling space, and strategies for dealing with challenging customers.
  • Bonus! Come home with a point-by-point business plan that will make it that much easier to become a fuel distributor.

Join us in Orlando for 2 days of practical knowledge on EVERYTHING you need to know about becoming a jobber.

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