Master The NGL Industry in Just 3 Days!

This highly valuable training course follows the flow of product and finance throughout the entire NGL business, giving you a head start to success in the midstream industry – regardless of your role.

Course Highlights:

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of the physical infrastructure, commercial and economic aspects of the NGL industry to succeed and become a power player.
  • Examine the characteristics of the NGL/LPG markets and how they differ from refined products and crude.
  • Find out how natural gas, refining operations, ethanol and petrochemicals all tie-in to affect supply.
  • Learn the logistics of moving the "raw" NGL stream from the production point to hub locations for separation into finished products and delivery to end users.
  • Discover valuable tips of the trade that help you with pricing, contracting and managing your risk.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a greater insight of the activities of the supply chain.
  • Understand the prices, costs, and margins in each of the sectors.
  • Recognize the future trends and risks for the petroleum industry.
  • Comprehensive understanding of all sectors of the petroleum supply chain.
  • Understanding processes, logistics, costs, margins and pricing.

(seating limited, you must register to attend.)

Join one of the premier NGL companies for a tour of its top-notch Mont Belvieu facility and see firsthand how a fractionation plant separates the individual components and other byproducts and how a storage facility operates. Even industry veterans will find this an educational and rewarding experience! Space is limited to the first 55 paid registrants.