Meet the Editor of the
OPIS Europe Diesel Tanker Tracker

OPIS Europe Diesel Tanker Tracker

The highly experienced team behind the OPIS Europe Jet Tanker Tracker has just released another comprehensive real-time vessel tracking service that follows diesel cargo flows into Europe.

The OPIS Europe Diesel Tanker Tracker allows you to track and monitor ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) being shipped into Europe, primarily from the U.S. and Russia, the region’s two biggest suppliers. Offered in collaboration with the vessel tracking service, Fleetmon, on-the-water diesel cargoes are easily followed from port to port, even when vessels leave coastal regions thanks to Fleetmon’s satellite AIS tracking.

In addition to following the progress of the vessel, the OPIS Tanker Tracker service details the vessel name, the volume of product being transported, the buyer and seller of the fuel, and who chartered the vessel. Its reporting functions mean you’ll know when import volumes surpass levels for the same month a year ago, and quick-select options let you identify deliveries due in the next seven or 30 days, or into specific regions.

When the editors add new vessels or existing shipments change their destination port, you’ll be first to know in a morning summary email.

With the OPIS Europe Diesel Tanker Tracker you now have the ability to see through the opaque shipping market and pinpoint and track an import surge or shortfall ahead of time. This is the first real-time tracker of diesel fuel into Europe to reliably forecast volumes at least two weeks to 30 days before tankers arrive at ports.

OPIS Tanker Tracker subscribers have a significant, three-month advantage over official European Commission trade figures.

Benefit from:

  • Proven success: In our Jet Tanker Tracker, OPIS editors track 97.5% of import volumes reported by the European Commission.
  • The most reliable and comprehensive vessel tracking list in the business of diesel-carrying, Europe-bound tankers.
  • Hour-by-hour visual tracking of vessels from producer to port, or as they divert to deliver part-cargoes.
  • Customized email updates when new vessels are added or cargo details change.
  • Enhanced reporting functions and a 12-month archive sorted by route, destination, buyer, region etc.
  • Advanced satellite tracking, vessel details, port history and vessel tracks (with the packaged Fleetmon SAT15 subscription).
  • Export to Excel to yield valuable market intelligence for your further analysis and archiving.