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OPIS Europe LPG & Naphtha Report

This benchmarking publication accurately pinpoints naphtha, propane and butane prices in northwest Europe and the Mediterranean. It’s one of the only pricing resources that reflects the newly developed FoF master contract terms. In addition, it provides 13-month forwards propane pricing - more than any other LPG publication - giving you an aggregated, unique view of the market.

This daily resource keeps you current on market news such as supply and demand challenges, arbitrage opportunities and refinery acquisitions/mergers. Plus, it includes a detailed list of import and export data for the trading day.

Inside this report, you'll find:

  • New! Naphtha prices ($/mt) including the mean, change, month-to-date average and diff to flat price for:
    • Paraffinic Naphtha
    • Open-Spec Naphtha
    • Naphtha CIF NWE
  • LPG prices ($/mt) including the low, high, mean, change and month-to-date average for:
    • Propane CIF ARA (FoF Cargoes)
    • Butane CIF ARA (+4,000mt)
    • Propane FOB Med
    • Butane FOB Med
  • LPG Mont Belvieu snapshot ($/mt) pulled at 2:30pm EST and includes the mean, change and month-to-date average for:
    • Mont Belvieu Non-TET Propane
    • Mont Belvieu Non-TET Butane
  • Global propane and butane daily close prices for:
    • CIF ARA
    • CFR Japan
    • Mont Belvieu Non-TET*
    • FOB Arab Gulf
    • *Note: Mont Belvieu will show the close number of the prior day.
  • Daily freight Rates ($/mt) and netbacks for these routes:
    • Arab Gulf to Japan
    • US Gulf Coast to NW Europe
  • Monthly posted propane and butane contract prices of major producers:
    • Saudi Arabia FOB
    • Algeria FOB
    • North Sea FOB
  • Extended curves to 13 months, 5 quarters and 2 calendars for NW Europe propane forwards prices ($/mt) including the minimum, maximum, mean, change, time spread, Propane/Naphtha and Naphtha.
  • Extended curves to 13 months, 5 quarters and 2 calendars for 13-month global propane forward prices ($/mt) for Mont Belvieu, Arbitrage, CP, Far East and East/West.
  • Arbitrage cargo listing for Northwest Europe*
    • *Le Havre – Stenungsund and U.K. East Coast range

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