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OPIS Retail Fuel Market Research Studies

OPIS, in conjunction with PortiaGroup, a leading producer of economic insight, is pleased to provide this first report in a series of studies that provides an indepth look at how consumers respond to changes in gasoline prices.

About this study

Consumer Reaction to High Gasoline Prices And What It Means For Food and Fuel Retailers
Higher prices for fuel and other commodities have deep implications for every spectrum of the U.S. economy. This study describes in detail the latest insights into how consumers respond to changes in gasoline prices. Cutting edge economic research within this report shows how "mental accounting" affects how customers choose where to shop and what to buy when prices rise. It also exposes consumers overreaction to small changes in gas prices – drastically changing their expenditures across a range of other industries such as clothing, food and electronics.

What you will learn:

  • What price volatility and high commodities prices mean for retail businesses.
  • How consumers respond to spikes in gasoline prices.
  • Which firms are best positioned to benefit from fluctuations in consumer sentiment as gas prices peak and trough.
  • What lessons your company can learn from the recent past to weather the future storm.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Overview: Price Volatility's Rise and Return
  • Squeezed and Unsure: Consumer Response to Energy Volatility
  • Coping with Pain at the Pump
    • Implications for gasoline product lines
    • Gas prices spill over into all retail segments
    • A Closer Look: Food
  • Lessons for Firms and Business Leaders