24th Annual
Coal Conference of the Americas 2017
March 21-23, 2017 | Cartagena, Columbia
Intercontinental Hotel

Join Colleagues and Industry Experts for the Foremost Conference on Coal in the Americas

Colombia took a pivotal position in the global coal trade in 2016 as its producers expanded their presence outside of their traditional Atlantic Basin markets selling millions of tonnes into South Korea, Indian and other Asian, Middle Eastern and Pacific destinations.

While demand in Europe drifts lower as the continent looks increasingly to gas and renewables, Colombia’s miners continue to develop opportunities in Asia and elsewhere. Going into 2017, Colombia’s miners are sold out of coal for January, while February is also looking tight.

The reduction in available Colombian volumes in the Atlantic is underpinning values in Northwest Europe, which some traders think could top $100/t. The lack of additional tonnes for Europe has also resulted in a highly volatile, backwardated market where even minor supply disruptions could lead to large price rises.

And with deals into Asia increasingly being sought against the API 2 index, what happens in Colombia could send ripples across the world.

The 24th Annual Coal Conference of the Americas dives into every facet of the coal market in this globally significant region. Delegates will participate in a program that includes a full schedule of market, legislative, and policy updates along with several key opportunities for networking.

Join all the serious players – your colleagues, customers and competitors – at the conference in March to make sure you stay abreast of the most critical topics and business trends concerning this key marketplace.

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Who Should Attend?

  • CEO / COO
  • Coal Trader
  • Commercial Planning Manager
  • Contract Manager
  • Fuel Analyst
  • Fuel Procurement Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Market Research Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales/Business Development Director