Buying fuel is confusing even for seasoned pros. We’re here to help. 

The petroleum market  features a slew of specialized fuel blends and no one-size-fits all requirement for what you can use — or where or when you can use it.

Whether you are new to the fuel industry or are already an expert, the words “spot,” “rack” and especially “basis” are terms that confuse even the most veteran buyer. There’s a good chance you or someone on your team may not be 100% sure what these words mean.


The Seven-and-Seven Oil Cocktail

Oil pundits predicting a return of $75/bbl or higher benchmark crude prices are delusional.

They are either obsessed with predicting what they prefer to happen for their own investments and clients, or are unaware of what the seven and seven oil cocktail means for price forecasting. Hint: it should temper prices into the new decade.