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Real-Time Racks

Wholesale fuel buyers and sellers now have real-time price visibility accessible online. Get live wholesale rack prices for gasoline, diesel and biodiesel, plus instant price change notifications.

Rack - Pricing


Control when, where and how often you get your gasoline, diesel and biodiesel rack prices with OPIS WebRacks, an easy-to-use online tool. Plus, stay ahead of intraday price swings.

Rack - Pricing

Gasoline & Diesel Rack Prices

Benchmark rack gasoline and diesel prices are available at several email delivery times and formats for hundreds of U.S. rack locations. Ensure accurate wholesale supply deals for both buyer and seller.

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Asia Jet Fuel & Gasoil Report

Here is your singular resource for buying and selling spot jet fuel and gasoil in Asia. Enhance your hedging strategy and minimize risk on your jet fuel purchases.

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Europe Jet, Diesel and Gasoil Report

OPIS Europe Jet, Diesel & Gasoil Report provides expert market analysis and shipping data on Northwest Europe and Mediterranean jet fuel, ULSD and gasoil markets.

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Full-Day Refined Spots Report

The OPIS Full-Day Refined Spots Report provides gasoline, diesel and jet fuel spot pricing as well as expert news and commentary for U.S. Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast and Midwest markets.

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West Coast Spot Market Report

Use this benchmark report for accurate pricing, market and regulatory information for spot gasoline, diesel and jet fuel for Los Angeles, San Francisco and Pacific Northwest markets.

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Spot Ticker & Mobile Spot Ticker

The OPIS Spot Ticker provides live spot gasoline, diesel and jet fuel prices. Track spot market prices and NYMEX differentials, monitor volatility, dispatch/delay in anticipation of 6pm prices changes.