OPIS eLearning and Webinars

eLearning and Webinars

OPIS Basics of Fuel Buying

Learn how to buy physical fuel successfully with this online course. You will learn how to choose and negotiate with suppliers, create contracts, understand how spot, rack and retail markets operate and much more.

Instructor: Scott Berhang, OPIS

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OPIS NGL Supply & Market Basics

Expand your LPG/NGL knowledge with this online course. Learn basic NGL industry fundamentals, what key factors drive NGL and petrochemicals, how the fractionation process works, how to manage frac spreads and much more.

Instructor: Diane Miller & Jessica Nesterak, OPIS

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Pricing the Market the Way It Trades: OPIS Chicago Refined Spots

Free webcast | Recorded on March 1, 2018

OPIS takes our cues from the market. Watch this informative webinar recording which takes you behind the scenes with OPIS’ spot editor, Bayan Raji, to see what goes into the benchmark ranges created every trading session and explore our full-day pricing methodology in the Chicago market.

Instructor: Bayan Raji

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5 Ways to Boost Jobber Profitability

Free Webcast | Recorded on March 21, 2018

In today’s volatile fuel market, maximizing the profitability of every gallon is critical. In the free webinar, discover 5 areas of your business to focus your efforts: Reduce fuel costs, enhance price notifications, expedite billing, shrink overhead through automated document management and eliminate wasted time at terminals.

Instructor: Art King, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Axxis Software

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OPIS New York Harbor Refined Spot Market: Why Full-Day Pricing Matters

Free webcast | Recorded on June 13, 2018

OPIS covers the market like you do – all day long. Hear this discussion with market editors Carly John and Rachel Stroud-Goodrich and see detailed examples of how OPIS assesses gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in the New York Harbor spot market on a full-day basis. Examine this critical Northeast supply point and a visual example of how OPIS’ spot fuel coverage fits into the picture.

Instructor: Carly John & Rachel Stroud-Goodrich

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Reversal of Fortune: Monster Storage Deficit to Storage Surplus

Free Webcast | Recorded on October 4, 2018

This is a season of extremes – extreme growth in both supply and demand, and extremely low storage going into this winter. Hear about the factors, drivers, and ramifications as we push into 2019 and  head for an extreme turn around, with storage going from a monster deficit to a significant surplus.

Instructor: Charles Nevle and Jack Weixel, OPIS PointLogic

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IMO 2020 Series: Market Implications for a Fuel that Doesn’t Exist Yet – Europe/Asia

Free Webcast | Recorded on November 27, 2018

The coming IMO 2020 regulations are already dramatic in their effect and global in their scope. How should traders, ship owners and fuel suppliers respond to the challenges and opportunities? Join industry experts and market watchers for this informative webinar recording focused on the EMEA and APAC regions that outlined the many pricing, refining and operational considerations that define this industry game-changer.

Instructor: Paddy Gourlay & Hedi Grati

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IMO 2020 Series: Market Implications for a Fuel that Doesn’t Exist Yet – Americas

Free Webcast | Recorded on November 29, 2018

Focused on the Americas, this webinar recording came next in our IMO 2020 series. The global shipping world in 2020 will see a challenge no other petroleum-dependent industry has witnessed to date. The repercussions could create a paradigm shift and, though many questions remain, set the stage for high fuel prices. Hear from market experts from both OPIS and IHS Markit during this in-depth webinar focusing on the Americas to better understand many pricing, refining and operational considerations that accompany such a dramatic change.

Instructor: Tom Sosnowski & Sandeep Sayall

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