North American Export Coal & Gas Summit

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Presented with support from Xcoal and XLNG

The North American Export Coal & Gas Summit returns for a second year in San Francisco to provide expert guidance on business success in the changing markets for U.S. coal and LNG exports.

While coal remains the power generation fuel of choice in developing countries, natural gas is surpassing coal for power generation in North America. Natural gas liquefaction capacity is expected to double in North America during the next three years, so coal producers are increasingly looking to international exports to sustain production. What are the ramifications for global trade and will infrastructure/demand suffice to accommodate the supply surge?

Register today for the North American Export Coal & Gas Summit and join industry experts to examine the markets, projects, challenges and strategies you need to know for successful operation in the global coal and LNG industries.

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Meet the challenges of an evolving coal market

To maintain healthy volumes in 2020, U.S. coal exporters must meet the challenges of low international prices, global trade disputes, cracks in demand outside China and weakness in the Atlantic region. Meanwhile, global coal producers struggle to respond to high prices with increased production. How will these dynamics transpire going forward? This event will help answer these critical questions:

  • How will the resolution of the U.S.-China trade dispute affect U.S. coal and LNG exports?
  • Will U.S. high-sulfur coal become a major component in the Turkish coal mix, or will the trade conflict between the two countries linger?
  • Can U.S. coal become a significant supplier of high-calorie coal to the Indian electricity generation mix, in addition to India’s industrial market?
  • How much room is there for further expansion of the Canadian coking coal industry?
  • What developments in infrastructure and transportation might improve the reach of U.S. coal into the global marketplace?
Keep pace in a rapidly expanding LNG market

North American LNG exports are expected to almost double over the next three years, as the “Shale Gale” goes global. While this should drive down prices, North American gas supply is increasingly driven by an inverse price relationship between Henry Hub and West Texas Intermediate. How do buyers and sellers navigate in a global gas market experiencing such massive change and growth? Our speakers will address that primary concern and more:

  • How quickly will a spot LNG market develop? What are the missing ingredients?
  • What’s the outlook for Asia-Pacific demand?
  • How do Asian buyers feel about North American price risk vs oil indexation?
  • Can pipeline capacity meet feed gas needs? What are the development models for the next wave of projects?
  • What are the supply strategies to mitigate price risk from volatility in North American markets?


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