Regrettably, we have decided not to hold the IHS Markit Southern African Coal Conference in 2021. Over this event’s long history it has come to be considered the industry’s best opportunity to bring together heads of state, market leaders, executives, experts and market participants for learning, idea exchange and networking. We are working to ensure that in 2022, this event will be held in person in Cape Town upholding its legacy and its obligation to the industry that has long-supported the conference.

Day 1 | Tuesday | 20 April 2021

Session 1: Welcome and Opening Remarks/Keynote Address

Gwede Mantashe, South African Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy (invited)
Mike Teke, Chief Executive Officer, Seriti Resources
Session Chair: John Howland, Vice President, Coal, Metals and Mining, IHS Markit

South Africa is at a crossroads with global producers preparing their exit plans, but the country is still heavily dependent on coal to keep the lights on. How will South Africa ensure its energy security during this critical period if/when the transition happens? In this keynote session, the Honourable Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy joins the CEO of Seriti Resources to provide their outlook and perspectives during this crucial time.


Session 2: South Africa and the Global Market

Rodrigo Echeveri, Head of Research, Noble Resources International (invited)
Prof. Rosemary Falcon, Director, Fossil Fuel Foundation
Session Chair: James Stevenson, Senior Director, Coal, Metals and Mining, IHS Markit

The global thermal coal market is experiencing a period of major upheaval. Prices are highly volatile, and demand is still recovering from 2020 levels – albeit to nowhere near 2019 demand. Coupled with this, China’s actions in seaborne trade remain a persistent but massive uncertainty in both the short- and long-term markets. In this session, a group of recognized industry experts will debate the ups and downs of the market and what to expect for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.


Day One Concludes


Day 2 | Wednesday | 21 April 2021

Session 3: Keynote Address – South African Coal Leaders

Jan Oberholzer, Chief Operating Officer, Eskom (invited)
Vuslat Bayoglu, Managing Director, Menar
Session Chair: John Howland, Vice President, Coal, Metals and Mining, IHS Markit

With international producers exiting South Africa’s thermal coal industry, who will step in to fill the void and ensure state utility Eskom gets the necessary supplies to avoid further load shedding? In this session, the industry’s top leaders discuss the path forward for coal in South Africa and its unique challenges and opportunities.


Session 4: South African Export Markets

Christophe Nabonne, Director, Wellhunt Material Enterprises (invited)
Kamran Kamal, CEO, Hubco (invited)
Session Chair: John Howland, Vice President, Coal, Metals and Mining, IHS Markit

While some countries prepare to phase out coal over the next few decades, others are continuing to embrace the dependable fossil fuel as a vital part of their energy mix for the foreseeable future. In this session, we will explore these key markets and the potential opportunities for South African producers.


Day Two Concludes


Day 3 | Thursday | 22 April 2021

Session 5: South Africa’s Largest Buyers: Indian Sponge Iron

Rajendra Singh, Managing Director, Komin India Resources
Session Chair: John Howland, Vice President, Coal, Metals and Mining, IHS Markit

South Africa’s top overseas market is by far India, procuring more than half of the country’s thermal coal exports. And within India, sponge iron makers take the bulk of these shipments – buying 25-30 mt a year. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of this market, which only a few fully understand. In this session, top industry officials provide their insights into this key market – its needs and drivers and what to expect both in the short and long term.


Session 6: South Africa’s Domestic Market Overview

Divyesh Kalan (CA)SA, CEO, Orevest Supply Chains and Advisory, Makoya Group
Colin Lotter, Chief Technical Officer, Green Coal Technologies, CJL Consulting
Thembani Mathye, Marketing Manager, Mbuyelo Coal Group
Dr. Mike Seeger, Director, MX Mining Capital Projects (Pty) Ltd
Session Chair: Randy Fabi, Deputy Markets Editor, IHS Markit

COVID-19 battered domestic demand for coal, with Eskom struggling with excess supplies and industrials cutting back on their operations. A recovery is now in full swing with demand nearing pre-COVID levels and domestic coal prices back up. What is in store for the rest of the year? In this session, we will spotlight South Africa’s two main domestic markets and discuss the challenges and opportunities for producers.


Event Concludes


Agenda is subject to change and alteration.