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OPIS Mexico-U.S. Petroleum Summit

Continued opportunity amidst Mexico’s evolving energy reform

October 23-24, 2019

The Mexico-U.S. Petroleum Summit is the one fuel marketing conference you’ll want to attend this fall to help you spot the opportunities available in an evolving refined products market. You’ll get high level strategic thinking from expert analysts of Mexico and its oil industry, as well as fuel tax pros, plus on-the-ground successes and challenges from transportation and import firms on both sides of the border.

It has been an eventful first year for the presidency of Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador, including big and bold steps in the energy sphere. Uncertainties remain but so too do opportunities for the forward-thinking who have access to market intelligence and key contacts in Mexico and the U.S.

This year’s key topics include:
  • Refining
  • Cross Border Importation/Exportation
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Infrastructure development and updates
  • Tax and financial implications
  • Ethanol
  • Jet Fuel
  • Mexico’s retail landscape

Check back often for updates to the program!

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2019 Confirmed Speakers:

Manuel Rodriguez Garcia, Chamber of Deputies

Senator Armando Guadiana Tijerino, Energy Commission for the Mexican Senate

Uriel Joffre Vega, Grupo Transportes

Ernesto Anguiano Snachez, Ferromex

Carlos Pasqual, IHS Markit

Ross Weisser, 4J

Luis Martinez, LM Transport

Kent Williamsson, IHS Markit

Fernando Pereira, Lodemo

Juan Antonio García, Itzoil

Shaun McRae, ITAM

Alfredo Alvarez Laparte, Ernst & Young

Felipe Perez, IHS Markit

Stephan Wittig Zepeda, U.S. Grains Council

Jorge Peart, Hiper Gas

Jose Berlanga Villarreal, Hiper Gas