PointLogic Reports

Expert analysis of the spot-traded physical natural gas market, including coverage of key elements such as weather, storage and pipeline data.

Gas Fundamentals Daily

Comprehensive daily analysis and market commentary on supply & demand for the Lower 48 natural gas markets.

PointLogic’s Gas Fundamentals Daily provides succinct analysis with tables and charts of the critical information you need for the day’s trading activity, including:

  • Delivery price fluctuations in key hubs.
  • Daily supply & demand report.
  • Critical flow highlights and flow map.
  • Regional flow summary.
  • Weather forecasts.
  • Storage data modeling.

View the Gas Fundamentals Daily fact sheet.

Gas Week Northeast and Northeast Gas Fundamentals Daily

PointLogic‘s Gas Week Northeast is an authoritative report with daily email updates on the most dynamic natural gas market in North America. Gas Week Northeast provides supply, demand and flow analytics, region-specific news, plus forecasts and market fundamentals, including:

  • Production trends for four Northeast subregions: Appalachia, Atlantic Seaboard, New York/New Jersey and New England.
  • Supply & demand balance.
  • Key changes in regional throughputs, inflows and outflows.
  • Demand and weather forecasts.
  • Biggest supply/demand location gainers and losers.
  • Rig counts and well activity.

Northeast Gas Fundamentals Daily supports the weekly report each weekday with timely data on supply and demand fluctuations, whether they happen across the region or in any of the four subregions to keep you ahead of the curve and ready to take action.

View the Gas Week Northeast & Northeast Gas Fundamentals Daily fact sheet.