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From the changing political environment and regulatory uncertainty to transportation challenges and other unpredictable factors, OPIS Ethanol & Biodiesel Information Service conveniently delivers the scoop directly to your inbox. View the Ethanol & Biodiesel Information Service fact sheet to learn more.

Use our combination of daily and weekly pricing assessments to leverage your spot and wholesale fuel transactions, anticipate market trends, discover arbitrage opportunities, and monitor compliance costs associated with clean fuels programs.

Try OPIS Ethanol & Biodiesel Information Service free for 3 weeks. You’ll get real-time news alerts and a daily market overview that includes pricing assessments, plus a weekly newsletter and rack pricing report in PDF format. Delivery is via email.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Daily spot market price discovery in the OPIS End of Day Ethanol Assessment Report, which includes:
    • Benchmark pricing assessments and market overview featuring closing spot ethanol and biodiesel assessments, a natural gasoline (denaturant) spot snapshot and spot Brazil ethanol assessment.
    • Pricing for all four types of U.S. RIN credits including current and historical values.
    • Price assessment for California’s LCFS credits with calculations translated for carbon intensity (CI), gasoline and diesel values.
    • Prices for Washington’s Clean Fuels Program, including CFP credits and calculations for fuels’ CI values.
    • Refined Spot Biofuels Deal Log included, with a daily overview of RINs, LCFS and CFP credit transactions to better track their pricing trends.
    • The in-depth daily spot pricing and trade data helps you increase profitability and gain better insight into the cost of compliance in each of these federal- and state-level programs.
  • Weekly analytics and price transparency throughout the supply chain in the Ethanol and Biodiesel Information Service report, providing:
    • Wholesale pricing report – rack postings for over 115+ ethanol and 200+ biodiesel markets.
    • Renewable fuel feedstock and co-product national average prices.
    • Supply, demand, and stock data.
    • Gain perspective on how traditional fuels markets are interacting with biofuels markets and understand the overall health of the market with analysis of the week’s spot trading activity, individual commodity coverage, ethanol market overview, Inside Washington column with regulatory insight, updates on European, Brazilian and CBI biofuels markets, and more.
  • Real-time Intraday Biofuels News Alerts keep you quickly informed on market-moving biofuels news regulatory changes as they happen.
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EBIS makes the vast world of renewable fuels much easier to navigate as an extensive pricing index for ethanol, biodiesel, biofuels feedstocks and other renewable fuels commodities. Get wide-ranging context for market activity and understand how regulatory changes and uncertainty impact pricing, demand and supply.

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