PointLogic Markets Module

Drill into daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal natural gas supply and demand fundamentals by EIA region and see the biggest volume movers by pipeline and point.

Natural gas price survey follows high, low and daily averages, as well as bidweek prices, for hubs in the United States and Canada. Monitor net storage flows by storage facility with modeled daily inventories by EIA region. Follow daily, weekly, and monthly import and export flows by point and pipeline.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • See an overview of major supply & demand sectors in the U.S., including metrics such as Modeled Wellhead, Production Losses, Modeled Dry, Canadian Net Imports and LNG Pipe deliveries for Supply and Electric, Industrial, RES/COM, LNG Exports, MX Exports, Pipeloss and Fuel for Demand
  • Use supply & demand graphs to view Season To Date, Month To Date or Year On Year To Date comparisons.
  • Access a comprehensive view of sample and modeled storage inventories by EIA region with drill-downs into net storage flows by storage facility.
  • Discover the international points that represent gas imports and exports from the lower 48, including a “point view” and “aggregate view” that breaks out state import and export flows.
  • Display the spot/cash market prices denoting the market value of natural gas in the wholesale market for a particular location, over a specified period of time.
  • Know the price of gas flowing every day during the coming calendar month (“baseload” transactions), and measure gas flows up to and including the next trading day (“day-ahead”).
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