PointLogic Pipeline Module

Monitor comprehensive natural gas flow data at a micro level

The OPIS PointLogic Pipeline Module details point information by natural gas pipeline with both map and data views showing point type, direction, and more.

It allows you to build custom pipeline point data sets with this easy-to-use query tool or create refreshable spreadsheets with precisely the point data you need.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • View every active meter location – along with associated volume history – by pipeline, state or market area and filter by point type.
  • View state-to-state throughput volumes for every interstate pipeline with inflows and outflows by default regions or by customized regions.
  • Create pipeline and point watchlists that deliver email alerts based on volume percentage change intraday, daily or weekly.
  • Monitor volumes at new processing plant, power, industrial, storage, LNG or import/export facility the day they start flowing, then add those points to a watchlist.
  • Use an Excel Add-In tool to query flow data and build custom, refreshable spreadsheets with a few clicks.
  • Click on any map point or meter name to get more data on the point and chart historical volume trends.
  • View pipeline profiles with associated articles, documents and FERC Form 2 data highlights.
  • View pipeline project profiles with project details, maps and associated articles and documents.
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