OPIS Retail Market Share Report

Compare your retail brand’s volume and price differentials against competitors.

Understand how price affects volume sold with the OPIS Retail Market Share Report, which includes the average price differential for a brand against its competitors. The volume is based on actual purchases that fleet drivers charge to their Wright Express Universal card.*

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Identify markets that are ripe for acquisitions.
  • Analyze market share, outlet share, efficiency ratings and average price differentials.
  • Determine which brands are successfully selling the most gallons by county, state, region or on a national level.
  • See which brands price aggressively.
  • Create your own charts to compare your brand’s volume and price differential directly against your competition.
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OPIS monitored the data from the WEX cards and found that the high-volume stations get high-volume fleet traffic and the low-volume stations get low-volume fleet traffic. OPIS calculates the percentage of volume by state or by county based on these purchases to see which brands are doing the most business in a given area. OPIS matches it with its pricing data to show average price differential for a particular brand against its competitors. OPIS also displays the percent of outlets of each brand and calculates the ratio between the market share and the outlet share. The higher the number the more volume per station that brand does.

This market data is only available for the U.S. The following brands are not included in market share reports: Arco, Costco, Sam’s, BJ’s, HEB, Albertsons, and RaceTrac.