Global Carbon Offsets Report

Meeting the demand for price discovery and transparency, this report is the first of its kind in the marketplace and serves as a key benchmark across the industry.

Voluntary carbon markets and net-zero strategies gain visibility with a fair-price index

The commitment to carbon neutrality continues to grow as corporations and jurisdictions chart a course for net zero and airlines prepare for CORSIA compliance. By referencing the OPIS Global Voluntary Carbon Offsets prices in contracts, sellers can unlock investment potential and buyers can purchase with confidence knowing the market’s fair price.

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Who Benefits From This Report


  • Secure investment for new and existing emissions reduction projects using a transparent pricing index.
  • Maximize value by referencing OPIS carbon offset credits prices in supply contracts.


  • Make informed business decisions around securing carbon offset credits with accurate, transparent benchmark prices.
  • Assess the costs associated with achieving carbon neutrality goals.


  • Negotiate prices with counterparties using a voluntary carbon index with a methodology that accurately reflects how the market trades.
  • Evaluate price arbitrage opportunities.
  • Obtain fair-market value for offset credits acquired in the OTC market.


  • Determine timely carbon market price ranges when assisting clients with transactions.
  • Leverage market insight when conducting cost analysis and advising clients on new project development.


  • Discover the baseline cost for providing environmental services to counterparties in addition to commodities supply contracts.
  • Agree on a fair price premium for retiring carbon credits to attain carbon neutrality in the fuel supply chain.


  • Use as a basis for voluntary carbon-market price forecasting.
  • Stay informed on nature-based project developments and offset credits issuances.


  • Negotiate jurisdictional contracts by referencing a transparent price signal established by OPIS voluntary carbon markets assessments.
  • Determine cost impact of climate initiatives aligned with Paris Agreement goals.
OPIS Global Carbon Offsets Report

Why You Need This Report

  • The OPIS Global Carbon Offsets Report addresses the demand for transparent voluntary carbon market pricing, as a growing number of corporations offset carbon emissions for net-zero strategies and airlines prepare for CORSIA.
  • Voluntary carbon-market buyers and sellers need a trusted price reporting agency to provide daily benchmark assessments for offset credits produced by forestry projects as well for carbon offsets eligible for the CORSIA program.
  • Fuel buyers and sellers can reference the OPIS Carbon Neutral Fuels Index (CNFI) to determine the cost to reduce the product’s carbon emissions to zero.
  • Project developers can secure a price premium for high-quality carbon credits with the OPIS Co-benefits Standards assessments.
  • This report shows a complete view of the California Carbon Offsets (CCO) markets, including price assessments for offsets that have a direct environmental benefit in the state (DEBS CCO).

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Daily physical assessments for voluntary carbon offset credits and compliance carbon offset credits.
    • OPIS Voluntary REDD+ Credits (OPIS REDD+): produced by nature-based projects for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation.
    • OPIS Blue Carbon Credits (OPIS Blue): produced by nature-based projects that sequester carbon in ocean and coastal ecosystems.
    • OPIS Afforestation/Reforestation Credits: produced by nature-based projects that plant trees, regrow trees or revegetate lands.
    • OPIS CEO (CORSIA Eligible Offsets): reflect methodologies specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for assets that comply with the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation program CORSIA Eligible Offsets (CEO) price assessment.
    • OPIS Core Carbon Credits (OPIS CCP): reflect trading for standard carbon credits, including CORSIA eligible credits, REDD+ credits, and other AFLOU credits.
    • OPIS Co-benefits Standards: reflect the co-benefits price premium for Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) that are certified by Verra’s Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards Program and Verra’s Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard Program (SD VISta).
    • California Carbon Offsets: (OPIS CCO) and CCO with a Direct Environmental Benefit in the State (OPIS DEBS CCO).
  • Carbon Neutral Fuels Index provides daily assessments for the cost of offsetting combustion emissions to zero for 18 standard liquids and gaseous fuels as well as the eight International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) shipping fuels through the retirement of voluntary carbon credits.
  • Carbon Offsets Trades deal log that provides a 30-day record of confirmed transactions in the offset credits markets.
  • Breaking news coverage reveals trends and fundamentals impacting global voluntary carbon-market supply and demand.
  • The OPIS Carbon Market Pricing methodology provides full-day physical assessments for voluntary and compliance carbon offset credit prices.

OPIS is proud to be a member of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA). IETA is a non-profit business organization created in June 1999 to establish a functional international framework for trading in greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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