McCloskey Coal Report and Fax

Benchmark International Coal Pricing & Market Intelligence

Gain transparency into the global seaborne trade in metallurgical and thermal coal.

McCloskey Coal Report is a semi-monthly review of the metallurgical and steam coal industry worldwide, including a full list of benchmark coal indices, freight rates, swaps and coal derivatives. View the McCloskey Coal Report fact sheet to learn more.

McCloskey Coal Report provides readers in regional markets with a global overview and in-depth analysis of the key events influencing coal prices, including supply chain disruptions, government policies and regulations, and long-term economic development. Global players use the report’s analyses as benchmarks against their own assumptions.

The twice-monthly publication is supplemented by the McCloskey Fax, a weekly news digest and price marker report delivered by email each Friday providing a market roundup for key global regions. View a sample of the  McCloskey Fax.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Twice-monthly compendium and critical analysis of global seaborne coal news, unavailable from daily news sources.
  • Comprehensive list of proprietary benchmark coal prices, used as settlement mechanisms in 90% of the world’s coal derivative contracts.
  • McCloskey Fax: a weekly email news digest and price marker report delivered each Friday providing time-sensitive coal prices and market intelligence.
  • View all global coal reports
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