OPIS PetroChem Wire Polyethylene Weekly

Track Domestic and International Resin and Monomer Price Movements

Gain greater transparency into polyethylene prices with a reliable methodology that reflects current market conditions.

Stakeholders in the polyethylene market need dependable pricing data to guide business decisions because ethylene and polyethylene prices don’t always move in tandem, making it difficult to make quick, informed moves.

Delivered weekly in a three-page report, Polyethylene Weekly provides a quick-scan summary of domestic and international resin and monomer price movements, revealing price trends as they emerge. The valuations published in this report reflect the realities of the current markets each week using a methodology developed with the industry’s market makers on both the buy and sell sides. View the OPIS PetroChem Wire Polyethylene Weekly fact sheet to learn more.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Review of domestic and international price movements, feedstock trends, operations and news covering prime, wide spec and recycled resins.
  • See accurate pricing for commodity grades of PE (HDPE BM and inj, HMWPE, LLDPE butene and LDPE film) across different delivery points (FOB Houston, FOB Chicago and delivered).
  • Gain a clear view of wide spec and off grade spot market PE trading, a leading market indicator.
  • Get a snapshot of the recycled resin supply chain, from scrap to reprocessed pellets.
  • Track the production economics of PP for producers in North America, Europe and Asia with feedstock, international summaries and world import/export balances.
  • Learn more about other OPIS PetroChem Wire reports.
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