South African Coal Report

News, prices and insight on the thermal coal market in South Africa

Make better deals in the busy coal market of South Africa with a concise summary of need-to-know intelligence.

The South African Coal Report is a single source for bi-weekly coal pricing, news, and analysis on a regional market that’s one of the world’s largest thermal exporters.

Our team of reporters has access to the top movers and shakers in the country’s coal industry – producers, traders, investors, government officials – so our supply & demand guidance is must-have. We speak directly to these stakeholders to assess the daily market price for API4 Richards Bay 6,000 kc NAR coal and other coal qualities.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Exclusive prices for South Africa’s top three coal exports: 6,000 kc NAR, 5,500 kc NAR and 4,800 kc NAR
  • Key supply & demand data plus freight prices for South Africa’s main shipping routes
  • Infrastructure focus on Richards Bay coal terminal: loading rates, rail, capacity, vessel queues and freight (including Baltic Dry Index)
  • Met Anthracite Index
  • View other available coal reports.
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