U.S. Coal Review

A Weekly Summary of U.S. Coal News with Data and Analysis

Receive a domestic and international market roundup of the week in coal markets.

U.S. Coal Review provides weekly coverage of developments in the utilities and large industrial sectors, including coal prices, coal production trends and key international indices.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Utility price markers (ILB, C.App, N.App, Western, PRB, Eastern Rail).
  • Key physical prices (PRB, CSX, Northern APP, Illinois Basin, US Gulf High-Sulphur, NW Europe, Colombian, Indonesian Sub-Bit).
  • Over-The-Counter Traded coal prices (OTX Nymex, OTC PRB, CSX-BSK).
  • Insight from coal industry expert Jim Thompson plus exclusive analysis by other IHS Markit coal analysts worldwide.
  • View all North American coal reports.
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