Find the market leaders in your local area by using AnalyticsPro.

Tracking daily competitor retail fuel prices and margins is important to your business. However, monitoring this data over time is even more critical to your bottom line. With AnalyticsPro, you get valuable trends to help determine how your competitors price fuel and how your local market reacts to these price moves.

AnalyticsPro is a web-based retail fuel management tool that takes competitor analysis to a higher level. Designed for gas station and c-store owners and managers, this interactive online solution generates easy-to-understand charts that monitor retail fuel pricing and margin trends for local competitors. With its robust programming, you can compare as little as one competitor or multiple competitors at one time - all in one view! There is no software to install and you can permission as many users as you want - with no licensing fees. Give AnalyticsPro a try for free. Request your free demo today.

With AnalyticsPro you can:

  • Access real-time and historical street prices in your market - up to a 25-mile radius.
  • Discover market trends.
  • Learn competitor tendencies to specific pricing tactics resulting in opportunities to capture more margin and/or volume.
  • Analyze new markets and competitive environments for potential acquisition.

Features include:

  • Interactive charting with toggle functionality - allows you to hide data within your chart for different views of your local market.
  • 'Save' function for chart parameters - makes it convenient for chart creation/searches you use repeatedly.
  • Data export - get the raw data that is used in your charts for future analysis.
  • 'Save as" mode - allows you to edit parameters of existing charts thus saving you time when creating new charts.

Available data you can choose from to create interactive charts for your competitors include:

Prices and Margin Data

Average retail price
Lowest price reported
Average cost
Average margin
Average price reports
Total price reports

Type of Fuel


Type of Payment Price

Standard (Credit Card)

Date Range



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Frequency: Real-Time

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