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Here's your chance to find out which brands dominated last year and which ones suffered - how did your brand fare?

Packed with pages of intriguing brand details plus market snapshots, heat maps, national and regional breakdowns and more, the OPIS Retail Year in Review and 2017 Profit Outlook Report delivers a 360-degree look at 2016's retail landscape.

Use this valuable report to:

  • Separate the winning markets from the losing ones to help you make wise investment decisions.
  • Discover what markets are most profitable, what brands have the best pricing power and more.
  • Examine last year's volatile market by looking at precise measurements that put 2016 fluctuations into perspective.
  • Track the profitability of the major players in this rapidly changing market.
  • Analyze margins on a national and regional basis using revealing heat maps.
  • Plus, much more!

Exclusive gasoline and diesel fuel data within this valuable report shows you how more than 100 brands ranked in terms of margins, pricing, market share and efficiency both nationally and regionally.

There's no other study available that can give you this kind of crucial information. Anyone involved in the supply chain needs this data to make wise pricing and supply decisions for a profitable 2017.

Table of Contents

Grade Price Ratios
Shows the differentials that each brand charges between premium and regular gasoline both nationally and by state.

Weekly Gasoline Demand Trends by Region
OPIS gathers gasoline and diesel sales volume information from nearly 7,000 stations across the country and has created the first industry benchmark on gasoline demand trends based on actual same-store sales data. This allows retailers to gauge their weekly fuel sales performance against that of their competition and to analyze pricing strategy impact on volumes.

Market Overview
Read expert commentary from OPIS editors as they take a look at how the market moved last year and what's in store for 2017.

National and Regional Market Share by Brand
Compares market share estimates by brand on a national and regional basis.

National Margin Charts

  • National Margin and Volatility Indexes – Compares average yearly changes in retail and wholesale rack prices from 2001-2016.
  • National Rack-to-Retail Margin Index – Shows at-a-glance what years yielded the highest gross profits from 1998-2016.
  • 3-Year Weekly National Margin Comparison – Reveals gross rack-to-retail margins for 2014-2016 and proves not all markets are created equal.
  • Quarterly Regional & National Margins – Compares seasonal rack-to-retail margins for 2014-2016.
  • State-by-State Margin Charts – Includes charts for 2015 and 2016 that show which pockets of the U.S. remain strong and which continue to struggle.

National Best & Worst Markets
Provides rankings for the top 50 highest and lowest rack-to-retail gasoline margin markets in the U.S. – including margin changes from the previous year.

National Brand Power Rankings
Provides a collection of charts that show how aggressive chains and traditional brands were priced (cts/gal) relative to their direct competition.

National Brand Margins
Ranks 100 brands from 2016 to 2017 and shows:

  • Number of Outlets
  • Retail, Net and Rack Prices
  • Rack-to-Retail Margins
  • Annual Change
  • Annual Percentage Change

National Heat Maps
Exposes the best and worst performing regions in the U.S. using color-coded maps. Data is measured by ranking regions as best, good, average, below average and poor. Maps show 2016 data for:

  • Estimated Rack-to-Retail Margins
  • Estimated Average Volume by Site by County
  • Population Density by County
  • Estimated 5-Year Population Growth
  • Estimated Property Values by County

Regional Margin Trends Charts
Reveals regional rack-to-retail margin trends on an annual and weekly basis from 2014 - 2016 for New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Great Lakes, Midwest, Southwest, Rockies, and West regions.

Regional Volatility Index
Provides seasonal price swings for 2016 by region. Data is segmented by winter, spring, summer and fall rallies and includes:

  • Rack Prices
  • Retail Prices
  • Rack Changes
  • Retail Changes
  • Percentage of Retail Changes
  • Percentage of Rack Changes

Individual Regional Reports
Examines each region in detail. Get a close look at the best and worst performing regions. Each regional report includes the following:

  • Market Overview
  • Market Volatility Table
  • Look at the top fastest and slowest markets to react to summer/fall rallies.
  • 2016 Estimated Rack-to-Retail Margin Heat Map
  • 2016 Estimated Average Volume per Site Heat Map
  • 2016 Estimated Rack-to-Retail Margins by Brand
  • 2016 Estimated Brand Power Rankings

Diesel Overview
Provides charts and graphs for rack-to-retail diesel margins on an annual and weekly basis, plus, shows national rack-to-retail diesel margins by state.

Supply/Demand Statistics
Presents statisitics from the Department of Energy including:

  • Changes in Fuel Supply and Demand from last year
  • Gasoline and Diesel Demand Highlights from 2016
  • Average Annual Crude Stocks from 1994-2016
  • Average Annual Crude Imports from 1994-2016
  • Average Annual Gasoline Demand from 1994-2016
  • Average Annual Gasoline Imports from 1994-2016
  • Average Annual Gasoline Stocks from 1994-2016
  • Average Annual Days of Gasoline Supply on Hand from 1994-2016
  • Average Annual Diesel Demand from 1994-2016
  • Average Annual Distillate Imports from 1994-2016
  • Average Annual Distillate Stocks from 1994-2016
  • Average Annual Distillate Supply on Hand from 1994-2016
  • 2016 Weekly DOE Supply and Demand Trends

NYMEX Volatility
Provides charts on the daily and annual highs and lows on the NYMEX from 2002-2016. Includes prices for crude oil, heating oil, unleaded gasoline and RBOB.

NYMEX Cracks
Compares the heat crack, unleaded crack and RBOB crack in terms of dollar/bbl from 2002-2016.

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