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The CostPlus Validator is a convenient and cost-effective way to help you audit your gasoline, diesel and biodiesel fuel purchases.

If daily pricing information is simply not in your budget, this simple online tool allows you to audit fuel purchases at your convenience – making reconciling invoices easy. For just $15 per rack per day, feel confident that you are being charged the correct price for fuel and keep your suppliers honest.

Pull as few or as many prices at each rack for one low price. The web-based OPIS CostPlus Validator will walk you through step by step to select the exact parameters of your price, including date, location, product, grade, benchmark and supplier. Just a few clicks and you’ll get the specific information you need without having to sift through a surplus of data.

Whether you purchase fuel daily, weekly or monthly, the OPIS CostPlus Validator makes verifying your fuel purchases simple and budget-friendly.

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