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It’s no secret that all-day transparency and visibility have been in short supply in the jet fuel market.

That's why OPIS's innovative Europe pricing team has created OPIS450 Barge Pricing.

OPIS450 Europe Jet TickerUsing a live trading platform, OPIS450 converts the executable buying signals of a real market into a one-minute price mark for each of the 450 minutes between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. London time.

And by hooking up with OPIS Ticker teams in the U.S., the OPIS450 Europe Jet Ticker now offers round-the-clock, instant price transparency to the four most important jet fuel trading hubs in the world.

  • With each tick of spot market prices in Rotterdam or Los Angeles, get clearer insight into the economics that affect your global business

  • When the jet chart ticks higher our reporters will have your back – writing blow-by-blow news and analysis published in the ticker’s news column

  • Get free of your desk: Be in control of prices and up to date on news

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OPIS450 is a uniquely robust price reference for benchmarking your European jet fuel supply contracts. Click below to add yourself to a trial of the OPIS450 Europe Jet Ticker, and you’ll be send the daily price assessment for a limited period. When we contact you to see how it’s going, ask our representative for help with contract pricing. Or click here to request pricing history and other help.


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