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OPIS Europe LPG & Naphtha Report

This benchmarking publication accurately pinpoints naphtha, propane and butane prices in northwest Europe and the Mediterranean. In addition, it provides 13-month forwards propane pricing - more than any other LPG publication - giving you an aggregated, unique view of the market.

This daily resource keeps you current on market news such as supply and demand challenges, arbitrage opportunities and refinery acquisitions/mergers. Plus, it includes a detailed list of import and export data for the trading day.

Inside this report, you'll find:

  • New! Naphtha prices ($/mt) including the mean, change, month-to-date average and diff to flat price for:
    • Paraffinic Naphtha
    • Open-Spec Naphtha
    • Naphtha CIF NWE
  • LPG prices ($/mt) including the low, high, mean, change and month-to-date average for:
    • Propane CIF ARA
    • Butane CIF ARA
    • Propane FOB Med
    • Butane FOB Med
  • LPG Mont Belvieu snapshot ($/mt) pulled at 2:30pm EST and includes the mean, change and month-to-date average for:
    • Mont Belvieu Non-TET Propane
    • Mont Belvieu Non-TET Butane
  • Global propane and butane daily close prices for:
    • CIF ARA
    • CFR Japan
    • Mont Belvieu Non-TET*
    • FOB Arab Gulf
    • *Note: Mont Belvieu will show the close number of the prior day.
  • Daily freight Rates ($/mt) and netbacks for these routes:
    • Arab Gulf to Japan
    • US Gulf Coast to NW Europe
  • Monthly posted propane and butane contract prices of major producers:
    • Saudi Arabia FOB
    • Algeria FOB
    • North Sea FOB
  • Extended curves to 13 months, 5 quarters and 2 calendars for NW Europe propane forwards prices ($/mt) including the minimum, maximum, mean, change, time spread, Propane/Naphtha and Naphtha.
  • Extended curves to 13 months, 5 quarters and 2 calendars for 13-month global propane forward prices ($/mt) for Mont Belvieu, Arbitrage, CP, Far East and East/West.
  • Arbitrage cargo listing for Northwest Europe*
    • *Le Havre – Stenungsund and U.K. East Coast range

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