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OPIS PetroChem Wire Midday Update

Receive the latest trends and markets for olefins, NGLs, plastics and refined products. This timely market intelligence is sent to you during the trading day.

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OPIS PetroChem Wire Daily

Get a daily summary of closing petrochemical prices and trading activity across all markets. OPIS PetroChem Wire is recognized as the benchmark for futures contracts and risk management.

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APAC China Coal

Track coal production, supply and demand for major coal-producing and consuming regions. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reports available. Learn more about our coal reports.

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North American Coal

Three different North American reports provide benchmark coal indices, U.S. coal prices, market trends and company/industry developments and information on U.S. utilities and large industrials on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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McCloskey Coal Report and Fax

Get worldwide pricing and analysis of the metallurgical and steam coal industry, including benchmark coal price indices, freight rates, swaps and coal derivatives.

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Coal Energy Price Report

The Coal & Energy Price Report is a daily publication reporting U.S. coal prices, trends and developments. It provides timely coal prices plus information on coal mining, marketing and purchasing.

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U.S. Coal Review

U.S. Coal Review provides weekly coverage of utilities and large industrial sectors and includes U.S. coal prices, production trends and international indices.  

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The Energy Daily

Energy business and policy coverage of the power, natural gas, oil, nuclear and renewable industries. This quick four-page daily read is a concise overview to help busy executives focus on the energy market events and trends that really matter.

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PointLogic Power Module

Get detailed natural gas consumption data by plant for all gas-fired power plants.  Drill down into specific power points by pipeline and view consumption data at a daily, weekly or monthly level.

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Axxis Software

Axxis Software, part of OPIS, offers integrated back office system software tools allowing suppliers, resellers and marketers to source, buy, sell, dispatch, reconcile and bill more efficiently.