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Price History - Pricing

Custom History

OPIS can provide custom historical pricing assessments and news dating back more than 20 years for gasoline, diesel, natural gas liquids, jet fuel, refinery feedstocks, heavy oils/bunker fuel, crude, biofuels and RINs.

Price History, Rack, Retail, Spot - Pricing

Price History

Historical pricing is available for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and NGLs for all key North American spot markets since 1980, nearly 400 wholesale rack locations since 1995 and retail gasoline and diesel fuel prices since 2007.



Rack - Pricing


Billions of gasoline and diesel gallons are sold in the U.S. based on definitive OPIS rack benchmarks. OPIS also provides rack pricing for Mexico, Canada and Australia.

Spot - Pricing


OPIS covers spot refined products, renewable fuels, LPG and refinery feedstocks throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. Our cues come from the industry – we track spot prices on an all-day basis.

Retail - Pricing

Customized Retail Fuel Prices and Margins

Create custom data feeds for the specific retail gasoline and diesel prices and margin information you need. OPIS tracks 140,000 retail stations and can create custom reports based on the geographic area and time-frame of your choice.

Spot - Pricing

OPIS450 Diesel Marine Oil Report

Looming low-sulfur marine fuel standards mean ship owners, traders and refiners must take steps now to prepare for significant operational impacts. OPIS is the first price reporting agency to offer a daily price assessment for diesel marine fuel type A (DMA), factoring 450 price marks each trading day to give for a fair and accurate price reflective of the day’s market activity.

Spot - Directories

OPIS/STALSBY Petroleum Supply Americas

The 2018 Edition of Petroleum Supply Americas contains contact information for thousands of petroleum companies and supply chain personnel. It is available in print and DVD format.

Spot - Pricing

Crude Oil Prices

Conveniently and quickly access daily crude prices with OPIS crude oil price data for more than 600 grades and locations.