OPIS Rack Deal Evaluator - BRAND NEW!

Spot and NYMEX-based formula deals compared to OPIS Rack Prices

Are you getting the best wholesale deal out there? Use the OPIS Rack Deal Evaluator to assess rack and formula deals and determine which is the better option. With the growing trend of suppliers offering formula-based deals, it is critical that you understand the variety of deals available and how they stack up for your business. Don’t enter into your next contract without first consulting the brand new OPIS Rack Deal Evaluator to compare an offered formula price to a rack price deal! Try it absolutely free for 4 weeks – click here to get started.

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In just 6 simple steps you can quickly determine which deal is better. Here’s how the OPIS Rack Deal Evaluator works:

  1. Pick your date or date range – you can even access information from today, provided the benchmark has already happened.
  2. Select your OPIS benchmark – choose between Contract (10am), Closing (5:59pm) or Calendar Day (11:59pm).
  3. Input your rack details – choose your format (OPIS Standard or Terminal), price type (gross or net), city, product and terminal (if applicable).
  4. Define your deal – pick either "fixed number" or select "formula".
  5. Enter the details of your deal – input your fixed deal in $/gal, or build your formula deal using NYMEX, spot or rack differentials. You can also calculate your combination formula deal using one differential and multiple basis starting points.
  6. Add fees – add or remove pipeline fees, RINs fees, or define your own additional fees.

Then get your results in just a matter of seconds! The OPIS Rack Deal Evaluator will compare the deal you made to the actual rack price on the date selected and help you determine which is the better deal. Click here to to view sample output.

OPIS Rack Deal Evaluator features:
Save favorites – run the same query over and over without having to build it from scratch every time
Delivered spot values – quickly see what you would have paid if you went out into the spot market to look for product

Evaluate combination deals – build a deal using percentages from up to three different basis values

Normalized prices – include RINs values, line space costs, etc. so you can compare apples to apples

Assess non-OPIS deals – use any pricing index to build and calculate your deal

Export your results – export each day individually to see complete supplier details, or the entire data strip to see a snapshot of your deal each day

History – pull a single day for a quick snapshot, or select a longer time period to see how your deal performed over the course of a contract

Detailed output – see rack prices and moves from all suppliers in your market to determine if you could find a better deal elsewhere


Rely on the OPIS Rack Deal Evaluator before entering into your next fuel contract to be certain you are getting the best deal possible. Click here to start your free 4-week trial today!

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