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The OPIS Retail Chain Scorecard provides the weekly average retail price, rack price and margin for each store you operate and compares that to the average, median and mode retail price and margin in a 2-mile or 5-mile radius. Also included in this must-have report is your overall chain performance and how that compares against the average performance of those stations within a 2-mile and 5-mile radius - exclusive data not found anywhere else!

Here's your chance to benchmark your stations against their immediate competitors to see where they rank in terms of retail prices and margins.

Use this valuable report to:

  • Determine if your margins are below, normal or above the overall average of your immediate competitors.
  • Evaluate your pricing strategy to make sure you are not leaving money on the table.
  • Assess stations that are good candidates for rebranding or divestiture based on competitive retail margins.

Delivered electronically every Sunday, you get:

  • Your station name
  • Your station address
  • Your station brand name
  • Longitude/latitude of your station
  • Weekly retail average for your station
  • Weekly net retail price for your station (less taxes and 1.5 cts per gal for freight)
  • Weekly rack average for your station
  • Outlet count at 2-mile and 5-miles
  • Weekly retail average of all compeititors within a 2-mile and 5-mile radius
  • Weekly average margins of all competitors within a 2-mile- and 5-mile radius
  • Median retail price within a 2-mile and 5-mile radius
  • Median margin within a 2-mile and 5-mile radius
  • Retail mode within a 2-mile and 5-mile radius
  • Margin mode within a 2-mile and 5-mile radius
  • Overall recap of your chain's performance compared against an average of all the 2-mile and 5-mile radius information.

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