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OPIS Retail Radius Report

It's time to put an end to costly store surveys that quickly become outdated.

With the OPIS Retail Radius Report, you get real-time retail gas and diesel prices for competitors within a 2-mile, 5-mile or 10-mile radius of each of your locations.

This report allows you to survey your competitor's retail fuel prices without ever leaving your office. There's never been an easier, safer way to monitor your competition and instantly react to defend your operating profits.

You can also get a radius report surrounding a specific point of interest - not just your own gas stations! This enhancement is perfect for fleets, rental car companies, company cars and more.

The OPIS Retail Radius Report helps you:

  • Keep up with the competition.
  • Quickly adjust prices to remain profitable.
  • Find out what stores are driving the market down.
  • Track a variety of locations for acquisitions.
  • Save on costly surveys.
  • Import pricing into databases and build trend reports.
  • Keep store managers and surveyors honest.
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