The Inaugural OPIS Global LPG Conference

NEW in 2024!

Join the worldwide LPG industry in Houston, Texas on
November 5-6, 2024!



LPG in the Era of Transition

In the midst of unparalleled transition in the energy markets, OPIS is pleased to announce a new addition to our portfolio of market leading conferences and events – a 2-day event in Houston, Texas focusing on Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG).

This event combines the expertise of our in-house consultants/analysts, a select group of key industry experts and OPIS’ recognized, industry benchmarks.

The combination of these three elements provides the foundation for in-depth analysis and knowledge transfer around critical questions, such as:

  • How important is petrochemical demand in Asia to the global LPG industry?
  • What are the key drivers dictating price in the short, medium and long term?
  • Why is LPG potentially so important in power generation and the energy transition?
  • How do we successfully address complex freight and logistical challenges and dynamics?
  • What role does LPG play in key emerging markets such as Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia and how can it improve both indoor air quality and personal health?

To adapt and thrive in this time of transition, Step 2 is applying new knowledge and market intelligence to your current LPG operations. Step 1 is joining the industry in Houston this November at this groundbreaking conference.


Who You’ll Meet at the OPIS Global LPG Conference:


  • Producers and Supply Chain Professionals
  • LPG Distributors
  • Traders
  • Project Developers and Government Officials
  • Midstream Operators and End-Users
  • Trade Associations and Investors

What to Expect



The Event Chairs

The chairs of this event are recognized LPG professionals who’ve been providing OPIS’ subscribers with expert intelligence and insights for many years. This experience and knowledge have driven the design of this global LPG conference to cater to the pulse of your industry, both today and tomorrow.

Adrian Calcaneo

Vice President, Energy & Feedstocks

Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

Diane Miller

Global Director, NGLs/LPG/Feedstocks

OPIS, A Dow Jones Company

Carlo Barrasa

Vice President, Energy Insight Team Lead

Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS

The Agenda

The OPIS Global LPG Conference program will offer an in-depth look into vital themes such as pricing, policy, supply and demand, and transportation. By attending, you’ll gain firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities presented by shifting energy prices, evolving economic landscapes, and new policy frameworks.

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Day 1

Tuesday, November 5, 2024

Registration, Check-In & Welcome

Session 1:
Global LPG Market Drivers
Session 2:
Global LPG Landscape

Networking Lunch

Sessions 3 & 4:
Regional LPG Markets

“World of LPG” Evening Reception



Day 2

Wednesday, November 6, 2024

Registration, Check-In & Welcome

Session 5:
LPG Pricing and Trade
Session 6:
LPG Market Dynamics and Trends

Networking Lunch

View the Detailed Agenda

The Speakers

A small sample of our confirmed list of speakers is below – Sign up and check the site weekly to learn about the latest additions to this list and other important event news!

JD Buss

President, Twin Feathers

Rob Donaldson

SVP, NGL Logistics and Marketing, Targa Resources

Fabricio Duarte

Executive Director, AIGLP

Scott Gray

Managing Director, Snapper Creek Energy

David Herr

Director, BW Energy

Francisco Monaldi

Director, Latin American Energy Program, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University

Ryan Murphy

Senior Manager, Natural Gas Liquids & Petrochemicals, ICE

Carlos Serrano

Executive President, Amexgas



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Why the OPIS Mont Belvieu Benchmarks Matter

Understanding the OPIS Mont Belvieu benchmarks is crucial for anyone looking to grasp the complexities of global price dynamics. These benchmarks serve as a cornerstone for pricing strategies and decisions across the industry, emphasizing the forum’s value for global market insights.