Invoice Checker

A cost-effective alternative to daily fuel prices.

The OPIS Invoice Checker is an online self-service tool that allows you to obtain  spot  and  terminal prices one at a time, as needed. Auditing your fuel purchases is simple, whether you buy daily, weekly or monthly.

This tool is ideal for smaller fuel buyers who need to audit purchases and verify that they are paying the correct price for the fuel but that they have budgetary limitations and do not need to constantly know the spot / terminal prices.

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See the data sheet of Invoice Checker .

Funciones y beneficios clave

  • Select the price parameters, such as date, place, product, grade, reference and supplier, to determine the exact price needed.
  • Get prices comfortably, without waiting for delivery of price reports.
  • Pay only for the information you need.
  • Tire de un precio único por tan solo $ 15 / consulta.
  • Accessible solution even for the lowest budgets.
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