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The sharpest petroleum marketers are increasing profit margins, expanding their business, exploring new profit centers, and avoiding costly regulatory pitfalls thanks to the unparalleled news and analysis they find in Oil Express.

For over 35 years, we've been the nation's leading petroleum marketing news source -- this is your chance to see what you've been missing. We pride ourselves on being a completely independent and advertising-free publication so we can focus on delivering high-quality and timely news directly to your inbox. You'll get real-time email alerts as news breaks, plus the weekly newsletter -- if it's important to petroleum marketers, you'll read about it first from Oil Express

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We’ll keep you updated on ways to cut costs, build volumes and boost margins, provide advanced warning of new EPA and IRS rules and so much more. All the information critical to the success of your business, including:

  • New technology to help you stand out from the competition.
  • What suppliers are planning and how it impacts your re-branding and expansion options.
  • The latest on fuel regulation changes and how to keep from being fined up to $37,500/day.
  • Changes in image, credit card and promotion programs for all suppliers.
  • How to successfully navigate PCI compliance.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and which assets are changing hands or up for grabs.
  • And so much more!

"Oil Express is of great value to our small firm in keeping us informed of changes in the industry that affect us."

– Jim Holt, President, SST Oil

"I do not read an issue that I don't learn something that helps me in a business that I have been in for over 35 years and has and is changing daily."

– W.W. Gresham III, President, Gresham Petroleum Co.

"Oil Express provides us the ability to stay current and look ahead on issues in our business we need to make informed decisions about."

– Ed Ward, Technical Service Manager, JB Dewar

"Great publication for industry news and upcoming regulatory issues. I read it cover to cover every week, its brief and concise, no BS!"

– Troy A. Miller, President, Luther P. Miller, Inc.

"With other sources like NPN & CSP on the scene, we still consider OE & OPIS to be the definitive source for news."

– Ron McEwan, Founder, New Image Marketing

"I rely on Oil Express each week to get the true story, with no spin, on what's happening in the industry. It is the only publication that has the exclusive behind the scenes stories and gives an unbiased view."

– Fred Madeira, VP, GM Relationship Mgmt., Wright Express

"Oil Express is a must-have newsletter in today's ever-changing and competitive environment. Highly recommend to petroleum retailers."

– Sun Lim, Dealer, Sun Union 76

"A most valuable asset utilized daily in our decision making processes."

– J.S. Stem II, Vice President, Stem Brothers

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