Oil Price History Products

Price History for Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel and NGLs Across the Fuel Chain

Invoice Stack

Run audits, check invoices and more with on-demand historical pricing for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and NGLs as well as retail fuel station data.

Our extensive historical pricing databases contain years of OPIS benchmark spot, rack and retail pricing data. Access gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and NGLs price history for all key North American spot markets and nearly 400 wholesale rack locations. Historical retail data dates back to 2007. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual historical fuel prices are available.

Run reports when needed and reduce data storage and archiving costs through these self-service, online tools:

  • TimeSeries is our online database for spot and wholesale rack price history. Reconcile and audit invoices, compile detailed charts, perform regression analysis, analyze market trends over time and more.
  • Retail DataHouse in our online database for retail gasoline and diesel fuel prices. Analyze retail performance, price history and estimated operating profit margins at gas stations across the United States with access to retail history since 2007.
  • Invoice Checker allows you to pull  specific historical wholesale rack or spot fuel price points when needed . Reconcile your invoices with this budget-friendly tool. This product can be a great substitute for daily spot or rack fuel pricing when you’re on a tight budget or need prices infrequently.

Custom reports are also available if self-service options don’t fit, or if you need a one-time historical report. OPIS Customer Service is happy to work with you to create a historical price file formatted to your specific needs. We offer several commodities including gasoline, diesel, LPG/NGLs, jet fuel, refinery feedstocks, crude oil, biofuels and RINs prices.