Solutions for Municipal Fuel Purchasing

Overcome uncertainty and remain within budget when buying fuel.

OPIS data takes the guesswork out of fuel procurement.

Sourcing fuel through reliable supply contracts that are tailored to tight budgets and specific EPA rules can be a confusing process – especially if you don’t have a background in oil refining.

OPIS benchmark pricing gives you the regionally-specific data you need to create your Request for Proposals (RFPs), validate your supplier contracts. Our price feeds are customizable, so you don’t pay for unnecessary data.

  • Access independent price validation daily from your desktop or mobile device. OPIS is the industry benchmark for more than 30,000 wholesale rack fuel prices in nearly 400 markets.
  • Leverage our historical database of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and propane prices for a better understanding of long-term trends, so you can anticipate seasonal demand swings and get ahead of price volatility.
  • Anticipate upcoming wholesale price changes using the OPIS Spot Ticker, which tracks spot price moves in real time, so you can act before 6pm prices change at the rack.
  • If you don’t need a daily price report but do need to check prices sporadically, use the cost-effective Invoice Checker to verify fuel prices one-at-a-time.
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Learn better strategies for cost-effective fuel procurement.

Fuel price negotiations are complex and are not always intuitive to procurement professionals outside the oil and gas industry. OPIS education, alerts and guides are your cheat sheets to buying gasoline, diesel, propane and jet fuel like a seasoned pro.

  • Not knowing how to effectively buy fuel in today’s uncertain market can waste thousands of dollars of your government’s budget. OPIS events and Basics of Fuel Buying online course help you simplify every angle of the procurement process and put you in control of your costs.
  • React to every price-moving refinery headline, change in the fuel slate and seasonal trends that could lead to taxpayer savings with our live news alerts.
  • Learn what fuel is required by the federal government for your jurisdiction – before it derails your contract process. Updated annually, the OPIS Fuel Regs & Specs Handbook helps you easily track today’s complex and changing fuels regulations nationwide.

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Explore OPIS’ customizable and cost-effective spot, rack and retail reports.