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Greater China Coal Market News and Analysis

Understand the outlook for coal supply and demand in the Greater China region.

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APAC and African Coal Market News and Analysis

Find trusted market information on APAC and African thermal and coking coal production centers.

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North American Coal Market News, Analysis and Data

Anticipate the key drivers of the North American coal market

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Global Coal Market News and Analysis

Track the world’s major coal producing and consuming regions.

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Steel Raw Materials Service

Outlooks, prices and breaking news covering the full steelmaking value chain.

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Thermal Coal Markets & Research

Integrated short- and long-term global thermal coal outlooks with key benchmarks.

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Coal Price Data and Indexes

Optimize trading and investment decisions with industry-leading benchmark prices and indexes for coal, iron ore, scrap and steel.

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360° view of markets, cost, supply and demand in the mining industry.

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Wholesale Supplier Market Share report

OPIS brings together its expertise in rack and retail gasoline data to provide market research analytics in its Wholesale Supplier Market Share report. You can now gain insight into the branded supplier’s market share.