OPIS Bottom Line Report

Lowest Wholesale Rack Prices for Gasoline, Diesel & Ethanol

Discover prices under the OPIS Terminal Rack Low for wholesale gasoline, diesel and ethanol.

OPIS observes hundreds of branded and unbranded discounted prices. Many of these discounts are negotiated privately as deals under the OPIS Terminal Rack Low. The OPIS Bottom Line Report brings transparency to these “bottom line” values. View the Bottom Line Report fact sheet.

We also factor in Temporary Voluntary Allowances (TVAs) and volume discounts to determine the lowest wholesale purchase price.

Try the OPIS Bottom Line Report free for 5 days. It’s published daily and is available by email or FTP.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Enhance your negotiating leverage with your supplier to pay less for wholesale fuel.
  • Determine if the price you’re paying is equal to your competitors.
  • Check the competitiveness of your discounts and pricing.
  • Uncover what very large purchasers are likely paying.
  • Publication twice each day lets you compare differences between morning and night.

New enhanced features include:

  • Obtain the average observed price of wholesale fuel transactions below the OPIS Net Terminal Low, providing insight into pricing trends and market competitiveness.
  • Access the total number of price offers below the OPIS Terminal Low, allowing users to gauge the level of pricing activity and the range of available options.
  • Effortlessly link Bottom Line data with other OPIS reports, simplifying the process of comparing and analyzing fuel prices across different locations.

Please note, the Enhanced Bottom Line Report will be available as a raw file. 

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