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The OPIS editorial team has over 150 years of combined experienced covering the downstream industry. We provide context for market events to help you understand how a particular event may affect your company’s success.

Instantly get the information you need in rapidly changing oil markets with real-time news.

The volume of online oil news is challenging to gather, digest and may not always be accurate. OPIS presents the facts, additional context and market analysis you can trust. Thanks to our unique market position and industry sources, we often scoop other media and provide unmatched perspective to our customers.

  • Intraday News Alerts cover crucial refined products, LPGs and biofuels markets immediately in real-time via email.
  • The virtually real-time Refinery Maintenance Report provides up-to-date information on refinery outages (both unexpected and planned) to keep you ahead of their potential impact on supplies and prices.

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Weekly newsletters provide fuel and oil industry news, expert commentary and analysis.

Our selection of newsletters below go beyond simple news reporting to deliver insightful analysis.

  • OPIS Newsletter is a single source for downstream market news, spanning the spot, rack and retail markets and including prices for gasoline, diesel, renewable fuels, LPG/NGL, jet fuel, crude, propane, feedstocks, resid and kerosene.
  • Ethanol & Biodiesel Information Service is a singular resource providing daily and weekly pricing, real-time news and expert analysis for renewable fuels markets.
  • Oil Express offers fuel retailers and c-store owners/managers real-time news,  insightful “how-to’s”, exclusive tips and critical market information.
  • Retail Fuel Watch Newsletter provides a weekly overview of retail brand performance, profits and margins.
  • Australian Oil Market Price Report expands OPIS coverage of oil price trends to the Asia-Pacific region.

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  • Read the OPIS Blog for expert tips, news and insight spanning the fuel chain – it covers spot, rack and retail markets as well as gasoline, diesel, renewable fuels, NGL/LP, feedstocks, natural gas, jet fuel and crude oil.
  • Visit the Resource Center for downloadable white papers, infographics, e-books and more, all focusing on impactful issues in oil markets today.

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