OPIS Mexico Fuels Report

Price Transparency for Importing Gasoline, Diesel & Jet Fuel into Mexico

Trusted fuel price discovery as Mexico's energy markets evolve.

With Mexico rolling out its first significant energy reform in over 80 years and opening its fuel markets to outside investment for the first time, many businesses are looking to break into this emerging marketplace.

As its energy sector continues to transform rapidly, accurate commodity price discovery for Mexico is critical when creating fuel supply contracts, making profitable investments and import/export decisions and maximizing ROI for stakeholders.

Rely on OPIS for transparent pricing and market coverage so you can seize opportunities and tackle challenges across the border.

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Make smarter buying decisions with a pricing index for the full value chain of imported fuel.

Get a true buildup cost of cross-border shipments from the U.S. to Mexico with the brand new OPIS Mexico Fuels Report. It features a landed spot market index that assesses the price of Mexico delivered gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel, based on the daily OPIS assessments for U.S. benchmark refined product spot markets.

Regional gasoline specifications in Mexico are not the same as the fuel that is pricing in the U.S. benchmark spot markets – this report accurately identifies RVP and octane blend values across those regions to provide a complete picture of the buildup cost to supply fuel across the border.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Identify the most accurate price point for each import area when securing contracts
  • Discover daily price arbitrage between the U.S. Gulf Coast pipeline spot market and Pemex-posted wholesale prices
  • Reference a price index for octane and RVP difference between U.S. and Mexico delivered products
  • Monitor freight rates for Mexico cargo shipments
  • Follow the USD/MXN exchange rate
  • Receive timely news coverage of Mexican energy reform and infrastructure growth
  • Wholesale gasoline and diesel pricing for Mexico is also available.
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