Solutions for Transportation Companies

Pay the best possible price for bulk fuel for your fleet of tankers, jets or ships

Diesel, bunker/marine fuel and jet fuel pricing for global markets.

OPIS helps you ensure accurate transactions and reconcile the prices your supplier is charging with our extensive database of spot and wholesale fuel prices. As the spot price benchmark for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel throughout the U.S., we are an accurate and reliable price reference for spot-based contracts.

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Monitor spot and wholesale rack prices to save money on fuel purchases.

Use the live OPIS Spot Ticker to monitor the direction of the spot market and decide to buy diesel, jet fuel or gasoline ahead of, or after, 6pm wholesale rack price changes.

  • Gain greater flexibility to time your fuel liftings ahead of wholesale moves.
  • See spot prices throughout the trading day for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel plus a deal log of confirmed trades.
  • View markets from coast-to-coast online or via mobile app.

For a standard daily report, OPIS tracks more more than 36,000 wholesale diesel and gasoline rack prices at nearly 400 U.S. locations. See exactly what suppliers are charging for wholesale fuel day-to-day. View a graphic that shows how OPIS wholesale rack prices are used in real-world fuel supply contracts.

Looking for price history? Historical spot and rack data is available for price verification in multiple formats and timings.

Seize opportunity through OPIS news and education.

Working with a limited number of suppliers while buying large fuel volumes for your fleet in a volatile markets presents unique challenges – OPIS can help you make minimize your risks and control costs.