OPIS Retail DataHouse

Retail Gas Station Price History & Margin Data

Compare historical retail fuel prices and margins by brand and region - on your schedule.

Operating profit margin data at gas stations across the United States helps you track performance in fluctuating retail fuel markets.

OPIS Retail DataHouse is an online database with historical retail prices and operating profit margin data from nearly 140,000 stations and over 38,000 different geographic regions. Access gasoline and diesel retail price history as far back as January 2007 to as current as 8 days prior to your request.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Make informed mergers and acquisitions decisions by seeing retail performance over time.
  • Measure your competitors’ operating margins and retail fuel prices at competing stations.
  • Evaluate winning and losing markets to make better investment decisions.
  • Compare 335+ brands to learn which has the best pricing power over time.
  • Customize your report’s market view with data segmentation and delivery by zip code, town, county, state, metropolitan area, national level or via multiple region types.
  • Download data in either .xls or .csv formats for further analysis.
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