OPIS Propane Daily Report

Daily Supplier-Posted Wholesale Propane Prices

Negotiate the best price for wholesale propane purchases.

The OPIS Propane Daily Report shows you what your suppliers pay for propane, and what every other supplier posts at the rack, so you can negotiate a better payment price. Also included is the latest LP spot market news alerting you to supply problems, price trends, demand levels and more. View a list of propane rack locations.

Try the OPIS Propane Daily Report free for 5 days. It’s published daily and is available by email or FTP. For fastest service, be sure to select which rack location(s) you would like to preview when completing the form.

Please call our customer service team at 888.301.2645 if you’re interested in receiving a file of only propane rack prices.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Morning delivery so you can start the day prepared.
  • Search for propane outside your pre-buy contracts.
  • Compare prices against what you are currently paying your suppliers.
  • Cost-effective service.
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“The OPIS reports have helped me tremendously - especially the Propane Rack report! My profit margins have also increased as my customers received a break in the retail price. Plus, additional savings emerged when my jobber fine-tuned his gas and diesel invoices to match our rack prices. ”
Robert Crosby Owner, D & R Kwik Stop LLC