OPIS MarginPro

Profit Margin Data for Competing Retail Fuel Stations & Brands

Grade your retail fuel station profit performance against key competitors in any market.

Get an exclusive look at margins over time for competing brands and price leaders with OPIS MarginPro.

This interactive dashboard is your guide for becoming more profitable when selling fuel. Immediately discover if margins are up or down by state, MSA or on a national level with MarginPro’s live ticking average. With its real-time charts and heat maps, find out which regions rank the highest. Create your own fully exportable analysis.

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Gain a better understanding of competitor margins.

Survey competing retail fuel brand margins so you can price your product more effectively. Identify the most- and least-promising markets for expansion. Find the brands that make the most on every gallon sold.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Adjust your margin cost-basis for a more accurate picture of profits.
  • Avoid poor performing markets when looking to expand.
  • Enhance negotiating stance with suppliers to secure price reductions that commensurate with regional performance.
  • Target opportunities for growth.
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