Global Coal Reports Overview

Coal Pricing, News and Analysis for Global Markets

Know the risks and discover the opportunities in today’s global coal market.

Real-time alerts plus daily and bi-weekly pricing reports track the world’s major coal producing and consuming regions. Three different resources provide global coal benchmark pricing and market data:

  • McCloskey Coal Report: bi-weekly summary of worldwide happenings in the seaborne coal market with in-depth context and analysis, including a full list of benchmark coal indices, freight rates and swaps. Includes 24/7 “newswire” email alerts on trades and other urgent market moves and business decisions.
  • McCloskey Fax: an email news digest delivered each Friday providing time-sensitive coal prices and market intelligence.
  • Inside Coal: daily source for the most important coking coal news worldwide, including a transparent price index, supply/demand analysis and insight from met coal specialists.