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OPIS Diesel Pricing and Market Coverage

OPIS coverage of diesel pricing and markets spans the spot, wholesale rack and retail (fuel stations and truck stops) segments of the fuel supply chain. Historical diesel pricing is also available. Real-time, daily and weekly news reports provide expert insight on diesel market direction. Software is available to automate and streamline many wholesale business tasks related to diesel fuel.

Spot Diesel Pricing

OPIS provides ultra-low sulfur, low-sulfur, very-low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO or .5% fuel) and high-sulfur diesel pricing. Reports are available for diesel markets in the U.S., Mexico and Europe. Our spot reports and tools can be customized to match your needs for a specific region and/or diesel product. We offer diesel pricing via email reports, FTP site and web-based applications.

VLSFO (Very-Low Sulfur Fuel Oil) and Bunker Fuel Prices

  • The Global Marine Fuels Report helps you track cargo and bunker fuel prices for Asia, Europe and the Americas. It provides price assessments for 0.5%, very-low sulfur fuel oil, known as VLSFO, as used for compliance with IMO 2020 regulations. It also includes prices of current high-sulfur bunker fuels.
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Rack Diesel Pricing

Billions of gallons of diesel are bought and sold based on OPIS wholesale diesel pricing. OPIS provides diesel prices at hundreds of locations in the U.S. with pricing for ULSD, low-sulfur diesel, red-dye, No. 1 and No. 2 distillate, jet and marine types of diesel.

Retail Diesel Pricing

OPIS tracks millions of diesel fuel prices for retail stations in North America and collects distillates pricing across Europe, South America, Japan, Mexico and Australia.

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Diesel Price History

Use our on-demand historical databases to pull spot, rack and retail diesel price history as-needed or request a custom report.

  • Spot and wholesale diesel price history is available through TimeSeries, an on-demand database for self-service historical price pulls. Data goes back as far as 30+ years.
  • Invoice Checker is a cost-effective way to access spot and rack diesel prices for specific historical point(s), one-at-a-time.
  • Retail DataHouse is your source for historical retail diesel prices back to 2007.
  • Customized diesel price history is also available.

Diesel Market News

OPIS also provides breaking news, experts insights and analysis on the factors that affect diesel markets.

  • OPIS Newsletter provides expert, in-depth insight and context on diesel market trends at the spot, rack and retail levels.
  • Oil Express is a weekly publication dedicated for fuel marketers and retail gas station owners with real-world tips for increasing retail diesel/gasoline fuel sales. It also includes real-time news alerts.
  • Retail Fuel Watch is an overview of  diesel/gasoline market health in the U.S. and Canada with branding and margin information.
  • Intraday News Alerts for refined products sends news and analysis on spot diesel markets right to your inbox.

Diesel Market Analytics & Automation Solutions

Automate your diesel price management with Axxis Software. Through an automated software platform, Axxis offers extensive analytics and solutions for managing your diesel pricing, sourcing, billing and much more.

OPIS provides many formats and delivery methods for our information on diesel markets. Contact us to discuss your diesel market needs, or use our Product Finder for diesel suggestions..


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