OPIS Crude Oil Prices

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Get direct access to daily crude oil prices.

Avoid time-consuming communication with bulletin information hotlines and let OPIS do the work for you. Coverage includes all major refiners in the U.S. with over 600 grades and locations.

Refiners, producers, traders, and accounting departments all benefit from OPIS crude oil price data to gain operational efficiency and maximize profits.

OPIS also offers the largest and most comprehensive historical crude postings database available for both the U.S. and Canada, with more than 900,000 crude posting records from as far back as 1980 and prices from 70 different companies. Learn more about custom price history files here.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Production companies maximize revenues by identifying which companies are consistently paying the most for their barrels.
  • Refiners can quickly and easily understand their position relative to other refiners in virtually any U.S. or Canadian market.
  • Traders gain an understanding of geographical differentials as a basis for the day’s trading activities.
  • Accounting and billing departments use customized raw data feeds for input directly into their billing systems or refinery pricing models.